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Peak Performance

The WHOOP Performance Optimization System

WHOOP is the first scientifically-grounded system worn by the best athletes in the world to positively change behavior and unlock peak performance.


Athletes and Coaches are talking
about the Science of WHOOP.
I make my living by staying on the field, simple as that. That is why I wear WHOOP. I trust this technology to provide the information I need to stay on top of my game—day in, day out, all year.

Chris Coghlan

Baseball Player

Chicago Cubs

These insights are unlike anything I’ve ever seen. WHOOP has completed my understanding of how Strain and Recovery affects my body, allowing me to adjust my workouts to maximize my training.

Adeline Gray


US Olympic Team

I was completely unaware of how much travel and crossing time zones was affecting my body. Wearing WHOOP has allowed me to adjust my training plan to ensure I’m always ready to perform when it counts.

Connor Jaeger


US Olympic Team

After using WHOOP, my athletes reduced their nightly screen time and increased their sleep. These behavior changes drastically improved their overall performance.

Matt Kredich

Head Coach

University of Tennessee Swimming

With the demanding travel and lengthy NBA season, I need to always make sure my body is ready for gametime. By wearing WHOOP I can finally track and manage my training, sleep, and recovery so that I’m always ready to perform. It’s a game-changer.

Kyle Lowry


Toronto Raptors

This device is the next step for athletes who care about investing in their bodies and their health.

Mike Mancias

Personal Trainer to LeBron James

WHOOP is the only system on the market that gives me a full, continuous picture of strain and recovery, allowing me to optimize my athlete's training and recovery.

Keenan Robinson

Director of Sport Science

USA Swimming

As a starting pitcher in the Major Leagues, I need to consistently be ready for peak performance every time I step on the mound. WHOOP is my go-to device that allows me to achieve this.

Tyson Ross


San Diego Padres

WHOOP Unlocks Peak Performance

Change Behavior

After 4 months,
WHOOP Athletes ...
+41 min
Dedicate an additional
41 min of Sleep per night
Consume alcohol before
bed 79% less often

WHOOP Unlocks Peak Performance

Improve Fitness

After 4 months,
WHOOP Athletes ...
+8 ms
Increase Heart Rate
Variability by 8 milliseconds
-4.4 bpm
Reduce Resting Heart Rate
by 4.4 Beats per Minute

WHOOP Unlocks Peak Performance

Reduce Injuries

After 4 months,
WHOOP Athletes ...
Reported injuries
60% less often

The WHOOP Strap 2.0

The WHOOP system’s lightweight, waterproof design automatically tracks your Strain, Recovery, and Sleep, providing real-time recommendations to enhance your performance and avoid injury.

Sensor Technology

WHOOP continuously collects and stores on the strap up to 3 days of physiological data on an athlete. The WHOOP Strap measures 5 key indicators to analyze fitness, performance and recovery:
  • Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Motion via a 3-Axis Accelerometer
  • On/Off Wrist via a Capacitive Touch Sensor

Custom Designs

The WHOOP Band provides a perfect fit, and is easily interchangeable. Additional material and color options allow the strap to be worn in any setting.

Charging On The Go

Designed for Always On continuous wear, the WHOOP Strap is charged by simply sliding the battery pack onto the strap, avoiding the need to take off your WHOOP for charging.



60% of competitive athletes overtrain at some point in their careers. By balancing strain and recovery on WHOOP, you’ll know when you’re overtraining, undertraining and training optimally.

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Know your individual Strain during any activity, using simple, non-invasive wearable technology.
Day Strain

Group Created with Sketch. Measure Recovery

The Recovery Score is a measurement of how prepared your body is for Strain or exertion.


Don't waste High Recovery. Take advantage of your body's readiness to excel.

Optimal Training

Matching your Recovery with your Strain will make you fit while preventing burn out.


When Recovery drops low, rest may be advantageous.

Analyze Your Sleep

WHOOP provides sleep lab caliber data to help you understand how the quality of your sleep affects recovery and performance.

Key features include:
  • Hours of Sleep vs. Time in bed
  • Detailed breakdown of Sleep Cycles
  • Tracking of Disturbances, Sleep Latency, and Accumulated Sleep Debt
  • Personalized Sleep Coach
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