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WHOOP: The First Product Engineered to Unlock Human Performance

A Scientific Approach to Performance

A phone running the Whoop app displays a Recovery rating of 86%

Personalized Recovery

WHOOP is the first product to automatically measure physiological markers to indicate your personal readiness to perform each day.

A phone running the Whoop app displays a Strain rating of 15.2

Recovery Determines Your Strain

Given your Recovery, WHOOP calculates your exertion based on workouts and daily lifestyle to make sure you’re training optimally.

A phone running the Whoop app displays a sleep performance rating of 93%

Your Sleep Need Before Bed

After assessing your Strain, WHOOP tells you how much sleep you need to recover and then calculates a detailed breakdown of time spent in each wave of Sleep.

You Will Recover Faster

After only 4 months, WHOOP Athletes ...


Dedicate an additional 41 min Sleep per night


Consume alcohol before bed 79% less often


Increase Heart Rate Variability by 8 milliseconds


Reduce Resting Heart Rate by 4.4 Beats per Minute


Reported injuries 60% less often

WHOOP Recovery Equals Performance

WHOOP works with collegiate teams across every major conference.

Scatter chart of Whoop Recovery scores

Higher Recovery has been shown to correlate with higher shooting percentage.

Scatter chart of Whoop sleep scores

More Sleep has been shown to correlate with faster swimming performance.

Worn by the Best
Athletes in the World

Before WHOOP, I didn’t know my body struggled to acclimate to different time zones. After realizing that, I changed my travel schedule to Olympic Trials and because of that I crushed it on the first day.”

Connor Jaeger
US Olympic Swimmer,
2016 Silver Medalist, 1500 Freestyle

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I love it and everything it does. It is such a great tool to help me to get to the level I want to as an athlete.”

Joel White
MLL Defensive Player of the Year

While training in the offseason, I woke up with a high recovery. I thought, ‘That can’t be right… the baby had me up all night.’ I went to the gym anyway and crushed my workout. WHOOP knows me better than I know myself.”

Chris Coghlan
Toronto Blue Jays

USA swimming has been one of the most successful sporting organizations on planet earth - on par with the likes of the New York Yankees and the All Blacks. Do we need WHOOP to keep beating the rest of the world? Probably not, but we’re not looking to simply win… we want to dominate. This is one of the ways we’ll do it.”

Keenan Robinson
Head of Performance, USA Swimming

After a month of using WHOOP, I found that workouts that once put a large strain on my body were now moderately easy for me, so I knew it was time to switch up my training regimen so I can keep improving!”

Devon Kennard
Linebacker, New York Giants

By using WHOOP, I was able to see how my Recovery affected my shooting and free throw percentage… even my turnovers. That blew me away.”

Kyle Lowry
Guard, Toronto Raptors

The WHOOP Strap 2.0

The WHOOP Strap's lightweight, waterproof design allows the device to be comfortably worn 24 hours a day, providing you with actionable recommendations to enhance your performance.

Unprecedented Data

WHOOP collects over 100MB of data on an athlete per day with the ability to store up to 3 days of data. By sampling data from its sensors 100s of times per second, WHOOP yields 5 key metrics:
  • Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Motion via a 3-Axis Accelerometer
  • On/Off Wrist via a Capacitive Touch Sensor

Charging On The Go

Designed for Always On continuous wear, the WHOOP Strap is charged by simply sliding the battery pack onto the strap, avoiding the need to take off your WHOOP for charging.

Make WHOOP yours

The WHOOP Band provides a perfect fit, and is easily interchangeable. Additional material and color options allow the strap to be worn in any setting.

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