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WHOOP Elite Offering
WHOOP Elite is the fully enhanced offering for teams, squadrons, departments, and professionals whose livelihood relies on optimal performance.
Consumer Platform
Gen 2.0 Strap
The most advanced wearable on the market.
Athlete mobile app
Every athlete gets their own individual insights and experience.
Athlete web app
Offers deep analysis of trends over time.
Gen 2.0 Strap
The most advanced wearable on the market.
Athlete Mobile App
Every athlete gets their own individual insights and experience.
Athlete Web App
Offers deep analysis of trends over time.
Team Portal
A central repository for all athletes' data. Learn more
Elite Analytics
Customizable reports and insights from WHOOP's Data Science Team. Learn more
Coach Assist
Suite of tools to make the coach's life easier. Learn more
Sports Performance Manager
Direct access to some of the smartest minds in the business. Learn more
Team Portal
WHOOP empowers coaches and trainers to monitor their athletes continuously. This enables balanced training plans, provides insight into under/overtraining for injury reduction and creates opportunities for performance enhancement.
Easily view entire team data in one interface
Ability to customize privacy settings based on team needs
Ability to input training schedule
Ability to self manage team and staff access
Ability to hide Recoveries from athletes on specific days
Elite Analytics
On request from clients, WHOOP's Data Science team provides customized reports, offering insights into areas such as:
  • Physiological changes in athletes over time
  • Analysis of travel effect on Recovery
  • Analysis of Recovery and performance data correlations
  • Sleep and Recovery trend analysis
  • Analysis of external data
  • Data exports
Coach Assist
Daily coach reports that show aspects of subjective load, WHOOP Recovery, and previous Day Strain.
Weekly coach reports that show an aggregate view of WHOOP Recovery and Strain across the week.
Ability to hide WHOOP Recovery from athletes heading into important competitions.
Sports Performance Manager
Dedicated person with elite experience on call to help you and your team.
Kristen Holmes‑Winn
Vice President of Performance Optimization
  • Princeton University Field Hockey Coach
    • National Championship (First for an Ivy League Team)
    • 12 Ivy League Titles in 13 Seasons
    • .940 Winning Percentage (Highest in Ivy League History)
  • 6x National Champion as Head Coach of USA Women's High Performance Team
  • USA National Field Hockey - Coach
    • Assistance Coach to National Team for 4 years
    • Head Coach of U19 for 5 years
    • Head Coach of U17 for 5 years
  • USA National Field Hockey - Athlete
    • Team Member for 6 years
    • World Cup Champion
    • Champions Trophy
  • 3x All-American at The University of Iowa
    • Dual D1 athlete in basketball and field hockey
Erik Vendt
Director of Sports Performance
  • 3x Olympic Swimmer
    • Captain of the 2008 Olympic Swim Team
    • 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist in 800 FR
    • 2004 Olympic Silver Medalist in 400m IM
    • 2000 Olympic Silver Medalist in 400m IM
  • Member of USA National Team for 11 years
    • First American to break 15 minutes in the 1500m freestyle
    • 2x World Champion Medalist
    • 11x USA National Champion
  • 13x All American at University of Southern California
    • 5x NCAA Title Winner
    • 7x PAC 10 Title Winner
    • 2002 NCAA Swimmer of the Year
  • Former American and Olympic Record Holder
Services include:
In person installation
Coaches Manual and Athlete Playbook
Ability to sit down and go over any data, research, or situations

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WHOOP is currently working with professional athletes, college athletes, Olympians, and the military.