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The Performance Optimization System

WHOOP is the performance optimization system that empowers athletes and teams to perform better and win more.

WHOOP provides physiologically relevant and quantitatively objective data to empower athletes and others striving for high performance or good health. Sharing this data through a communicative platform creates powerful forms of social accountability and awareness to drive positive behavior change.

Dr. Nicholas Christakis, MD, PhD

Behavioral Health Professor

Yale University

WHOOP has given us helpful insights into our training program and the effects of other stresses on our athletes’ preparedness for training and racing. We’ve found that WHOOP helps us work with our athletes to make the most of the time they have for both training and recovery.


Head Coach

Harvard Skiing

I make my living by staying on the field, simple as that. That is why I wear WHOOP. It is the only wearable technology that gives me the information I need to stay on top of my game—day in, day out, all year.

Chris Coghlan


Oakland Athletics

What you can measure, you can manage. Recovery Scores have become a primary focus for our athletes’ readiness to perform on the court against tough competition.


Head Coach

Harvard Men's Tennis

I'm beginning to see strong correlations between recovery and in-pool performances, both in practice and during competition.

Matt Kredich

Head Coach

University of Tennessee Swimming

Athletes are tired of missing games and they are investing in their health through chefs, trainers and therapists to extend their careers. WHOOP is the next step for the world’s best athletes.

Mike Mancias

Personal Trainer to LeBron James

WHOOP can continuously monitor heart rate and heart variability in a way that the market has not seen before. Athletes and many others will benefit from this technology.

Dr. Jeffrey Olgin

Chief of Cardiology


WHOOP has given me a better, more objective look into the athlete’s body and their response to training and life stimulus. This allows me the opportunity to modify training on an individual basis, giving each athlete the best opportunity to get the most out of training on a daily basis.

Keenan Robinson

Director of Athletic Services

North Baltimore Aquatic Club

Using WHOOP for my offseason training has been great. The sleep and recovery data let me know when I am well rested and ready to perform at my best.

Tyson Ross


San Diego Padres

Dr. Nicholas Christakis, MD, PhD
Chris Coghlan
Matt Kredich
Mike Mancias
Dr. Jeffrey Olgin
Keenan Robinson
Tyson Ross

Balance Strain‑Recovery

For the first time, get actionable data from both sides of the Stress-Response equation. You may already measure strain, but can you accurately understand how each individual athlete's recovers from strain? With WHOOP, you can tailor workouts to the needs of each athlete in real time.

Measure Recovery

The Recovery Score is a measurement of how prepared your body is for strain or exertion.



User Input

Measure Strain

Know your athletes’ individual strain during any activity, using simple, non-invasive wearable technology.

Day Strain


1 Activity

Under Training

Travel & Sleep

Athletes need sleep to recover and teams often need to travel. WHOOP measures how travel schedules and different cities affect sleep for every individual on a team, including staff. This allows you to optimize travel schedules to gain an advantage, even on the road. The system also focuses on sleep specifically to highlight efficiency and ways to improve recovery.

Measure Sleep

Get accurate, sleep lab-quality data on your athletes’ sleep quality and efficiency, and understand the correlation with recovery and performance.

Reduce Injury

By customizing training plans to fit every athlete's individual needs, WHOOP can help teams reduce injuries and prevent over-training. Athletes with lower recoveries, feedback of soreness or sickness, and poor sleep results are highlighted to staff.

Team Dashboard

Know each individual athlete’s condition at any given time of day.

The Team Dashboard allows trainers and coaches to tailor workouts to each individual athlete’s readiness to perform.

Predict Performance

WHOOP provides custom reports and dashboards highlighting the relationship between physiological outputs and actual performance results. By correlating the relationship between these data points, WHOOP enables teams to identify trends and make more informed decisions.

Team Reports

Evaluate team performance and analyze positive and negative trends.

Team Reports enable coaching staff to review team performance and analyze correlations between performance statistics and physiological data.

Correlate team Strain and Recovery with performance results in games.

Change the Game

If you are interested in the WHOOP Performance Optimization System for your team, or for yourself, fill out the form below or call (888) 827-7855.

WHOOP is currently working with professional athletes, college athletes, Olympians, and the military.

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