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SportTechie - Penn State Coach James Franklin Monitoring Players’ Sleep With WHOOP
When you wake up on Saturday morning to watch your favorite college football team, you’re seeing the finished product. Those four quarters are the culmination of a lot more than a few practices throughout the week. To be your best, a delicate balance of study, nutrition, rehab and mental prep must be achieved. An element easily lost in the mix is sleep. That’s why Penn State football started using a device called WHOOP.
WHOOP - Duke Men's Basketball Teams Up with Human Performance Company WHOOP
Blue Devils Training on the WHOOP System in Preparation for 2017-2018 Season
Sports Illustrated - NFL Technology: What's New for the 2017 Season
Football is getting smarter. As scientific advances and inventions push humankind towards an increasingly digital future, the pace at which the NFL, its teams, and its players are embracing technology is quickening. “Right now we’re witnessing this explosion of digital health applications,” says Chargers offensive tackle Russell Okung, “and it has real significant value, especially for professional athletes.” When he’s not standing on the O-line, Okung sits on the Athlete Advisory Board of the OneTeam Collective, the NFLPA’s technology accelerator. (The NFL also established its own venture capital fund, 32 Equity, in 2013, and teams like the 49ers are investing in technology firms.) Some football tech developments have been public, but many have taken place behind the scenes, with teams and players wary about surrendering newfound edges. “If you go public,” says Luke Bornn, a statistics professor who has worked with many professional teams and is currently VP of strategy and analytics for the Sacramento Kings, “then everyone will follow suit, and the advantage disappears.”
WHOOP - WHOOP Now Available for Android
When paired with any WHOOP Strap 2.0, the WHOOP App for Android analyzes performance to optimize sleep and recovery
Wareable - Whoop Strap 2.0 is finally getting some Android love
Now even more people can train like the pros. Whoop, makers of the wearable that's being used by athletes in the NBA, NFL and MLB to get in shape for game time and prevent injury is finally getting Android support. If you need a reminder, the Whoop wearable is able to collect over 100MB of biometric data per day, which includes heart rate, heart rate variability, ambient temperature, motion and movement skin response. It can also be used to track sleep, and all of that can be combined to analyse how an athlete's body is handling the strain of working out or performing and how it recovers.
Unconventionals Podcast - Data, Secrets, and Human Performance: Why Professional Athletes Love the Whoop Strap
According to Whoop founder Will Ahmed, our bodies are keeping secrets. Those secrets hold the key to human performance, and the Whoop Strap unlocks them. It’s a big claim, but one that LeBron James, Michael Phelps and hundreds of professional athletes are validating in their everyday use. In this Unconventionals interview, we discuss how Whoop’s device and their strategy upends category conventions. By helping athletes perform better vs. counting their steps, they found an opening—call it a Darwinian Gap—in the market. Whoop's focus on big data and even bigger outcomes keeps pro athletes coming, and helps the company rise above the fitness tracker fray.
ESPN - Korey Stringer's death lingers on a final trip to Mankato
Echoes. They're everywhere. This is where Korey Stringer took his final steps. This is where he slept his last night and ate his final meal. This is the road the ambulance followed as it delivered him to the hospital where he died. As the Minnesota Vikings train at Minnesota State University, Mankato, for the last time this summer, team officials and fans alike are awash in sentimental thoughts. Memories surface from the meals they ate at institutions such as Jake's Pizza, with its framed photographs of players and coaches dating back six decades. They range from the bizarre -- Remember Dimitrius Underwood, a first-round draft choice who reported to camp in military fatigues and went missing the next day? -- to the tragic.
WHOOP - WHOOP Empowers the Fittest Athletes On Earth to Unlock Their Peak Performance at Elite Competition
Two teams and more than 20 individual athletes are training on WHOOP in preparation for upcoming competition.
The Barbell Spin - Is WHOOP the Next Big Thing in CrossFit®?
CrossFitters love the latest gear and equipment. Over the years we have seen numerous functional fitness products rise to popularity and flood our social media feeds. So if you’ve been following some of the top CrossFit® athletes on Instagram lately you are almost guaranteed to have seen WHOOP. WHOOP is a sensor worn like a watch that measures an athlete’s heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), ambient temperature, motion and movement and skin response. The device captures this data more than 100 times per second and sends the information to an app on their iPhone (Android is coming soon) giving them data on strain and sleep performance, recovery and sleep.
Wareable - Compete, improve, recover: Here's what athletes want wearables to teach them
As wearables get more prevalent and popular, we're starting to see a move from general fitness devices, like the Apple Watch or various Fitbits, into more specific niches. Kids' trackers, for example, are starting to gain more traction, with Qualcomm honing in on this growing area of tech. Professional sports wearables are another. Sports teams want wearables to help improve their players' performances, but what exactly do professional athletes want from a wearable device? It turns out the answer is far too nuanced for a blanket statement. The one thing that every athlete has in common, though, the one thing that pushes them to achieve the greatest goals in their sport, is the same thing that dictates what they want from a wearable: competition.
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