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WHOOP - WHOOP Bolsters Executive Team with Sports Science Veteran Gary McCoy
Data-driven expertise in optimizing individual and team performance will help WHOOP customers reduce injuries and win more
WHOOP - The Importance of Sleep Stage Tracking for Athletic Performance and Recovery
WHOOP White Paper
Univision - Reportaje Especial: Tecnología para la salud
Día a día la tecnología nos ayuda en diferentes ámbitos de nuestra vida en medio de la cultura saludable y la buena condición física en la que vivimos los dispositivos de monitoreo juegan un papel muy importante.
WHOOP - Heart Rate Variability — A Coach's Review of the Uses and Value of HRV Data in Athletes
WHOOP White Paper
SportTechie - Startup Profile Series: WHOOP is a Performance Optimization System for Elite Athletes
New technology from startup ventures is transforming the sports industry. The mission of this series will be to introduce startup companies in the sports technology space to a broader audience and allow Founders of promising new ventures to tell their story.
SportTechie - Pro Sports Data Startup WHOOP Raises Another $3 Million
Infosys made a $3 million investment in US-based sports technology and wearable devices start-up, WHOOP, an early stage company in the US. Infosys will have a minority holding in WHOOP, not exceeding 20% of its outstanding share capital. This investment comes just months after WHOOP raised $22 million in hopes of bringing individualized analytics to athlete training.
Xconomy - As WHOOP Whips UP More Cash, A Look at the Wearables Market
The hype over wearables may be in decline—which means it’s time for some real companies to get built. On Monday, Indian tech giant Infosys said it invested $3 million in Whoop, a Boston-based wearables startup that’s targeting elite athletes. The new money comes on the heels of a $12 million Series B round the performance-monitoring company announced in September.
TechCrunch - Infosys Invests $3 Million in Pro Sports Performance Data Startup WHOOP
Infosys, the India-headquartered consulting and IT firm, is getting into sports and wearables after it announced a $3 million strategic investment in Whoop, a Boston-based company that provides performance data to professional athletes and sports teams.
BostInno - Announcing the 2015 50 On-Fire Winners
Tonight we unveiled the 2015 50 on Fire winners during our annual 50 on Fire celebration. These 50 winners represent a group of diverse individuals and organizations who are driving the innovation economy in Boston and beyond.
Sports Illustrated - A wearable for elite athletes like LeBron James and Michael Phelps
“You get information every day and if you’ve done a good job as a sport coach or, as in my case, a sport scientist, of tracking what they did the day before, you can start to after a while attach numbers to the training and see conclusions with the outcomes,” says Keenan Robinson, the trainer for Phelps.