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CBS New York - Wrist Device Helping NYC Fencer, Other Olympians Get Edge
Growing up in Ohio, Jason Pryor was looking for a sport that he liked and would keep him active. He gave soccer a try, but quit the sport at the age of 11 and was in search of something new. “I was very chubby, so my parents told me I had to do sports and I could pick any sport,” said Pryor. A friend of his in school told him about fencing and discussed it with his parents. Within 10 minutes, they found the nearest fencing club and the rest, as they say, is history.
Rick Horrow "The Sports Professor" Yahoo! Finance - Harvard born company brings 24 hour measurable improvement into the sports wearable game
“Whoop was a word we would throw around on the squash team while I was at Harvard, ‘You go that whoop?’ for example, it was just action based expression we used. So when it was time to name the company it naturally came to mind” founder Will Ahmed told me during our recent interview. Now the word has a whole new meaning to athletes everywhere, WHOOP’s new consumer product is the first wearable to monitor active and resting biomedical statics 24 hours a day.
Wareable - Whoop Strap 2.0 available to pre-order now for $500
Whoop, the wearable wristband that offers predictive analytics system for athletes and coaches, is available to consumers for the first time. Costing $500, you can pre-order one now for a December delivery. Whoop continuously measures skin conductivity and heart rate variability (more than 100 times a second), as well as monitoring sleep, to analyse how an athlete's body is handling the strain of working out or performing and how it recovers. Its analytics dashboard is focused on the role of sleep and recovery, making sure athletes peak at the right time and avoiding over and under training. The idea is to help prevent injuries and it even considers how travel schedules can affect a player's freshness for their next performance.
WHOOP - WHOOP Performance Optimization System Goes On Sale to Consumers July 18
Worn by the world’s best athletes, including 20 Olympians headed to Rio 2016
Sports Illustrated Kids - Tech Will Be In Play at the 2016 Olympics
The Olympics are right around the corner, and athletes and coaches alike are looking for ways to bring Olympic gold home to their country. With the sports world in constant flux — and as sports science becomes just as important as pure athleticism — there are a few inventions changing the ways athletes are training and living their lives. From personal health bracelets to drones to trackers that monitor movement, here is some of the tech changing how athletes prepare for Rio 2016.
WHOOP - WHOOP Announces Two Key Additions to the Executive Team with Kristen Holmes-Winn and Brent Koeppel
Heading up the dual pillars of sports performance and technology to further the WHOOP mission
WHOOP - The Effect of Travel on Sleep and Recovery
WHOOP Case Study
SportTechie - Crabb Brothers Adapt With Analytics, Rise In Volleyball World
As we head toward Rio, brands are continuing to roll the dice on who the emerging stars of The Games will be, and more importantly, who will be the marketing stars that will bridge the gap and be able to engage beyond this summer and towards Tokyo in 2020. In Beach Volleyball, the shorter term marketers have gone all in as Keri Walsh Jennings and April Ross look to win gold on the women’s side, while veterans Phil Dauhausser and Nick Lucena as well as Casey Patterson and Jake Gibb will contend for the men once again. The veteran stars seem to be front and center this time around for one of the must watch events every four years.
WHOOP - The Impact of WHOOP on User Behavior
WHOOP White Paper
Fox Business - The latest wearable technology optimizing performance for elite athletes
Whoop CEO Will Ahmed on how the company's wearable technology helps elite athletes improve their performance.