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Setup your Strap

1 Open the clasp

Open the Clasp

Open the clasp by lifting the metal bar at the end of the band with the word 'WHOOP' written across it. Once the clasp is open, slide the Strap onto your wrist and attempt to close the clasp to gauge fit.

Adjust Strap until Snug

The Strap should sit snug and tight on the wrist when the clasp is closed. To adjust the size, pull on the end of the band that is looped through the sensor. It's easiest to adjust when the clasp is open and the Strap is off the wrist. Continue to adjust the band until the Strap sits comfortably tight on the wrist when the Strap is closed.

2 Adjust Strap until Snug
3 Close clasp on Top of Wrist

Close Clasp on Top of Wrist

The WHOOP Strap should be placed on the wrist, about 1 centimeter up your arm (toward your elbow) the bone of your wrist.

Remove Battery Pack from the Travel Puck

The Battery Pack and charging cable can both be found in the Travel Puck that come with the Strap. To charge the Battery Pack, connect it to the charging cable and plug the cable into a USB outlet. A red light on the Battery Pack indicates that it’s charging. The light will change from red to green when the Battery Pack is fully charged.

4 Remove Battery Pack from the Travel Puck
5 Slide Battery Pack on Top of Strap

Slide Battery Pack on Top of Strap

The WHOOP Strap charges without ever having to be removed from your wrist.

Remove the Battery Pack from the charging cable and slide it on top of the closed WHOOP Strap. The ‘WHOOP’ on the Battery Pack slides into place to cover the ‘WHOOP’ on the Strap. The set of three lights on the Battery Pack will light up when it's properly secured to the Strap. Your WHOOP Strap is now charging.

Check the Strap’s Battery Level

You can check the battery level of the Strap at any time by double-tapping the top of the Strap. This can be done whether the Battery Pack is on or off the Strap. The three lights on the Strap and the three lights on the Battery Pack both represent the Strap’s battery level. The Strap is fully charged and the Battery Pack can be removed when a double-tap displays 3 solid white lights.

6 Remove Battery Pack from the Travel Puck

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Create an Account

Create an account as either a member of an elite team or as an individual athlete.

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I'm joining WHOOP as an individual athlete.

If you're joining WHOOP as an individual athlete, you will need your WHOOP Strap to create an account. Follow the account creation process and pair your WHOOP Strap when prompted.

If you don't have a WHOOP Strap, you can purchase one by clicking here.

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Elite Team

I'm joining WHOOP as part of an elite team.

If you're joining WHOOP as an elite team member, you should receive an invitation code from your team. You will need this code to create your account. Enter this code when prompted and your account will be linked with your team when you finish creating your account. If you already have a WHOOP account, you can link it to your team by selecting 'Join Team' under the 'Settings' item in the menu and then entering your invitation code to join the team.

Individual Athlete
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Where should I wear my WHOOP Strap?

The WHOOP Strap should be placed on the wrist, about 1 centimeter above the bone of your wrist (away from your hand).

The WHOOP Strap should be snug, but not too tight - just tight enough to ensure the sensors make solid contact with your skin.

How do I connect my Battery Pack to my WHOOP Strap?

The Battery Pack slides onto the Strap via the runners along the side of the Strap sensor. The gold pins on the inside edge of the Battery Pack connect with the gold contacts on the sides of the Strap. To connect the Battery Pack:

Ensure the Strap is clasped (closed). The Battery Pack does not fit onto an unclasped Strap. Find the word ‘WHOOP’ on the Battery Pack and the word ‘WHOOP’ on the Strap. Slide the Battery Pack over the Strap and along the runners so that ‘WHOOP’ on the Battery Pack perfectly covers ‘WHOOP’ on the Strap. The Battery Pack will lock into place once the two ‘WHOOP’s perfectly cover each other. To remove the Battery Pack, slide it off in the opposite direction.

My WHOOP Strap doesn’t seem to be charging. What do I do?

First, ensure that the Battery Pack has a charge. Use the charging cable to charge the Battery Pack. A red light will indicate that the Battery Pack is charging. The red light will change to green when the Battery Pack is fully charged.

Next, ensure the Battery Pack is properly positioned on the Strap. If the Battery Pack lights up when it’s slid onto the Strap, or if the Battery Pack lights up when you double-tap the Battery Pack while it’s on the Strap, the Strap should be receiving a charge. If the Strap is completely dead, it will take a few minutes for the Strap to turn on after attaching the Battery Pack.

Another option is to look at the white status box at the bottom of the overview screen in the app. If the Strap is connected and charging, a lightning bolt will appear next to the Straps battery level in the white status box.

If you have any trouble, contact or call (877) 877-3057 for support.

How do I charge my Battery Pack?

The Battery Pack should be plugged into the charging cable for 90-120 minutes for a full charge. The Battery Pack will display a red light when it is charging. The colored light on the Battery Pack will change from red to green when it is fully charged.

How do I check my WHOOP Strap’s battery level?

You can check the WHOOP Strap’s approximate battery level by double-tapping the Strap and observing the three lights on the side of the Strap:

3 solid white lights = full Strap battery
2 solid white lights = 60%
1 solid white light = 20%
1 solid red light = 10%

You can also see your exact battery level from the Overview page and the Strap Status page in the WHOOP app.

How do I replace my WHOOP band?

WHOOP sells replacement bands on the WHOOP Store. To replace a WHOOP band, connect the new band's hook to the clasp of the Strap. Thread the other end of the band through the top of the inner slot of the Strap (i.e. the slot closest to the Strap's sensor). Feed the band back up through the outer slot so that the end of the band is overlapped on top of itself.

Watch the band replacement video for additional help.

How do I put the Strap into pairing mode?

Putting your WHOOP Strap into pairing mode is necessary if you are connecting a Strap that has already been paired to another device. This may occur if you’re connecting your Strap to a new phone, or if you’re inheriting a Strap that had been used previously by someone else.

In order to put your Strap in Pairing Mode, perform the following steps:

  1. Take your Strap off your wrist and wait for the lights on the underside of the Strap to turn off - the Strap will not go into pairing mode if it detects skin contact. Setting the WHOOP Strap on a table or other surface is recommended.
  2. Tap the top of the Strap repeatedly until the Pairing Mode light sequence starts.
  3. The WHOOP Strap will be in pairing mode when the white LEDs light up one at a time in sequence.

Note: While you’re tapping the Strap, the battery level indicator lights will display. That's OK - just keep tapping until you get into pairing mode.

Once the WHOOP Strap is in pairing mode, you can connect the Strap in Bluetooth settings on your mobile device. The Strap will remain in pairing mode until the Strap is successfully paired or for 3 minutes, after which the light sequence will stop, and you will need to re-initiate pairing mode.

If you are still unable to pair your Strap or have any further questions, email or call (877) 877-3057 for support.

Does my WHOOP Strap work anywhere else on the body?

The WHOOP Strap is currently designed to work when worn on an athlete’s wrist. Future functionality will allow for alternative locations on the body.

What do I do if my clasp is loose?

With continuous wear, you may notice that the clasp on your WHOOP Strap has become looser over time. One reason for this may be that the pins that connect the top of the clasp to the sensor have become loose. You may be able to remedy this condition by taking the top of the clasp off of the main sensor, pinching the two sides together slightly until they are once again parallel (so the pins are closer together), and then re-attach the top of the clasp to the sensor.

If your clasp is still loose or comes undone on its own, please contact WHOOP support.

Is there any way to turn my WHOOP Strap off?

The WHOOP Strap will remain powered on as long as it is charged. The Strap will enter a low-power mode to conserve battery life if it is off the wrist. The lights on the underside of the Strap shut off when the Strap is in the off-wrist low power mode. It’s important to note that the Strap does not collect data when the lights on the underside of the sensor is off. The Strap will wake up and the lights underneath the Strap will illuminate if the Strap has a charge and the bottom of the Strap is in contact with skin.