Will Ahmed

Founder & CEO

Will focuses on strategic vision, recruiting, and design. He founded the company as a senior at Harvard, a collegiate athlete looking for real quantifiable feedback. His extensive physiology research is the backbone for our data analytics platform.
Squash, golf, running, yoga

John Capodilupo

Co-Founder & CTO

John heads our analytics and software development groups. He left Harvard early to change the world with his technical proficiencies.
Bench, squat, deadlift, repeat

Aurelian Nicolae

Co-Founder & Product Development Engineer

Aurelian is responsible for rapid prototyping and mechanical engineering. Aurelian graduated with a mechanical engineering degree from Harvard, where he was nicknamed “King of the 3D printer.”
Weights, sauna, steam

Martin Oberhäuser

Lead Designer

Martin designs everything from this very page to the mobile experience to the online platform. Considered one of the best information graphics designers in the world, Martin has previously worked with companies like Adidas, Audi, BMW, Airbnb, and Samsung. Pick-up basketball

Robert McGurrin

Director of Signal Processing

Rob has several years of experience developing signal processing algorithms and software for sensor systems. Prior to joining Whoop, Rob was the lead software engineer at Raytheon BBN Technologies developing shooter detection and localization systems for the Boomerang product family including the Boomerang, the soldier wearable Boomerang-X, and the helicopter-mounted Boomerang Airborne Tactical Sensor System (BATTS).
Rowing, Cross-Country Skiing, Cycling

Emily Breslow

Data Scientist

Emily has over seven years of computational neuroscience experience from The University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University. She is a published researcher, and uses her experience to build advanced, physiologically-based algorithms and backend data analytics. Emily Holds an A.B. from Harvard in Neurobiology and Global Health and Health Policy.
Running, gymnastics, horseback riding

Richard Smith

Lead Embedded Engineer

Richard develops circuit design and battery optimization algorithms. He was previously the Director of Embedded Engineering at One Laptop Per Child, and has also worked for Bitworks and Superior Industries.
Competitive dance, weights

Erik Munson

Front-End & UX

Erik has spent 9+ years crafting stellar experiences. Leading a consultancy, Erik developed research & discovery methods with user-centric ideals. Now he brings this approach to monitoring every user touchpoint at Whoop, from value proposition to long-term retention. He also codes and maintains our web UI using the latest technologies. Erik believes that within every great experience lies the potential to delight, amaze, and inspire.
Cycling, running, weights

Alberto Pierotti

Senior Electrical Engineer

Alberto envisions, designs and implements hardware from its inception to post-launch troubleshooting. Prior to joining Whoop he was Lead Engineer for medical and non destructive testing products at Dynasil and lead the electronics design for the ZPrinter 650 while at Z Corporation.
Skiing, Tennis and Soccer

Nikhil Benesch

Software Engineer

Nikhil develops the software that powers our web interface and data analytics. He is currently on leave from Harvard to bring his programming experience to the real world.
Cross Country, Lifting

Max Summit

Business Development Lead

A graduate of USC, Max played professional volleyball and has previous work experience with Chivas USA, HBO and the American Red Cross. Max is responsible for keeping the engine rolling on strategy and design, athletic partnerships and product marketing.
Surfing, Volleyball, Sailing

Andrew Berlin

Lead Firmware Engineer

Andrew writes the code that powers our wearable devices. He brings over 15 years of software architecture and design experience to Whoop from his roles as a Principal Developer at Applied Materials, Z Corporation, and elsewhere.
Running, Snow Boarding, Kayaking

John Burkhardt

VP Software

John oversees development of our software for web, mobile, devices and services. He is a hands-on technical leader with previous experience delivering consumer electronics products such as Xbox One and the Sonos Digital Music System
Cyclocross, Mountain Biking, Running

Carlos Famadas

CFO & VP Operations

Carlos manages our finances and operations. He previously served for 4 years as VP Finance and Operations for Telcare, the first cellularly-enabled blood glucose meter.

Lucas Sanders

Senior Software Engineer

Lucas builds our web application and contributes to its design. He has a decade of previous experience with web technologies. Most recently, Lucas was the engineer for Wingu's cloud products through their acquisition by a S&P 500 company.
Running, Hiking

Jack Seitz

Director of Marekting

Jack leads our Marketing efforts, ensuring brand alignment across all our communications and partnerships. Jack has previously worked with brands like PUMA and most recently as VP of Marketing and Brand Development for Xenith, a startup focused on helmets designed to reduce the likelihood of a concussion.
Running, Skiing, and Anything in the ocean


Nicholas Negroponte

Business Development

MIT Professor, Founder of One Laptop Per Child, Founder and director of MIT Media Lab

Antonio Bertone

Marketing & Design

Former Chief Marketing Officer and board director at Puma

Jeffrey Olgin, MD


Chief of Cardiology at UCSF, Principal Investigator at Health eHeart, an initiative to monitor a million hearts in real time

Kevin Kit Parker, PhD

Biomedical Engineering

Harvard Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Applied Physics, U.S. Army Reserve Major

Yue Lu, PhD

Signal Processing

Harvard Professor of Signal Processing, Mathematical and Statistical Inference, and Electrical Engineering

Charles Hirschler

Data Analytics

Founder of Marketech, a data analytics company for training Olympians with heart rate monitors

Nicholas Christakis, MD, MPH, PhD

Behavioral Health

Yale Professor specializing on the intersection of behavioral health and social networks, Time 100 Most Influential Person in the World

Stephen Wolfram, PhD

Mathematician and Physicist

Founder and CEO of Wolfram Research, creator of Mathematica, creator of Wolfram Alpha, and author of A New Kind of Science

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