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The #1 Science-Based
Team Performance Solution

WHOOP empowers coaches and trainers to monitor their athletes continuously. This helps balance training plans, prevent overtraining and injuries, and predict performance.

Training Plans

For the first time, accurately measure your athletes’ physiological load and recovery response to get both sides of the individual athlete equation. Modify the injury risk factors for your team through scientifically accurate data sets.

Whoop applications viewing Strain for a team of athletes Whoop applications viewing Recovery for a team of athletes Whoop applications viewing the sleep of a team of athletes

Travel & Sleep

WHOOP is the first system to accurately measure how travel schedules across time zones affect sleep and recovery for each athlete. With these insights, you can develop strategies to improve game performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Reduce Injury

With the WHOOP Coach Dashboard, you’ll immediately see athletes’ Recovery before they get to the stadium. You’ll know who’s sore, who may be ill, and who is ready for your team’s planned activities.

Optimize Performance

Periodization models make many assumptions about an athlete’s stress response. Now, you’ll know who is ready for the game and who is fatigued and may be at risk for injury, so you can optimize team performance on game day.

Always On Team Reports

Identify Trends with WHOOP Team Reports.
WHOOP Team Reports are Easy to Set Up

Team Reports enable coaching staff to review team performance and analyze correlations between performance statistics and physiological data.

Correlate Team Strain and Recovery with
performance results in games.

Screenshot of Whoop's web app viewing Strain and Recovery Screenshot of Whoop's web app viewing Strain and Recovery

100% Team Customization

WHOOP can provide customized solutions to fit your program's needs, including:
  • Privacy Settings
  • Data Security
  • Team Reports
  • Custom Data Export

Change the Game

If you are interested in the WHOOP Performance Optimization System for your team, or for yourself, fill out the form below or call (888) 827-7855.

WHOOP is currently working with professional athletes, college athletes, Olympians, and the military.