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Before WHOOP, I didn’t know my body struggled to acclimate to different time zones. After realizing that, I changed my travel schedule to Olympic Trials and because of that I crushed it on the first day.

Connor Jaeger
US Olympic Swimmer,
2016 Silver Medalist, 1500 Freestyle

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Athletes and Coaches are talking about the Science of WHOOP.

By using WHOOP, I was able to see how my Recovery affected my shooting and free throw percentage… even my turnovers. That blew me away.”

Kyle Lowry
Guard, Toronto Raptors

I love it and everything it does. It is such a great tool to help me to get to the level I want to as an athlete.”

Joel White
MLL Defensive Player of the Year

While training in the offseason, I woke up with a high recovery. I thought, ‘That can’t be right… the baby had me up all night.’ I went to the gym anyway and crushed my workout. WHOOP knows me better than I know myself.”

Chris Coghlan
Toronto Blue Jays

One of our biggest priorities is to help our athletes manage healthy and long-lasting careers and we believe that working with WHOOP will help advance that goal.”

Andrew Hauser
Director of Player Health & Performance, Atlanta Braves

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After a month of using WHOOP,
 I found that workouts that once put a large strain on my body were now moderately easy for me, so I knew it was time to switch up my training regimen so I can keep improving!”

Devon Kennard
Linebacker, New York Giants

We partnered with WHOOP to better understand athlete recovery.”

Dan Duquette
Executive Vice President,
 Baseball Operations
Baltimore Orioles

Started using a @whoop unit today. Very intuitive app. Wrist based HR measurement is matching my chest strap. Impressed so far!”

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By far the most robust training tool I've ever's truly amazing!”

Stacey Hoehle
USA Pentathlon National
Team Member

That’s what sets WHOOP apart. Most wearables out there you can’t keep on for 24 hours a day to give you that many answers.”

Darrell Stuckey
Safety, Los Angeles Chargers

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There’s not another device out there that’s smaller, lighter, and more accurate than WHOOP, simple as that.”

Greg Adamson
University of Tennessee
Strength & Conditioning Coach

In order to play at an optimal level against another player at their optimal level, I need every edge I can get. I need to have enough sleep, be well-rested, recovered. Once you have that important information, you don’t want to go back. WHOOP has really found a way to differentiate itself in the wearable market.”

Russell Okung
Tackle, Los Angeles Chargers

One of our swimmers was ill on a weekly basis throughout the fall. A tough time for that to happen considering the Olympic qualifiers were set for the coming spring. After getting on the WHOOP platform, we were able to monitor her health much more closely and keep her healthy. She qualified for the Dutch Olympic team by 1/100th of a second.”

Matt Kredich
Head Coach, University of Tennessee Swimming

In the morning my Sleep Performance was 100% and my Recovery was 98%. That morning I told myself, ‘There are no excuses.’ When I sparred it was amazing. My coach noticed a huge difference and asked, ‘What was your Recovery last night?’ You see? My entire team sees the positive difference WHOOP makes. They’re bought in.”

Jorge Diaz
Featherweight Boxer

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Over the last month I’ve used my WHOOP bracelet to change not only the way I train but the way I take care of myself outside of the gym. I’m not necessarily training harder, but I’m training smarter and as a result my lifts are getting stronger and my runs faster. It has literally been a game changer.”

Bobby Villarreal

The scary thing about the device is that it knows me better than I know me. It helps me listen to my body better.”

Chris Mazdzer
US Olympic Louger

The WHOOP Strap has helped me realize by making some simple lifestyle changes, I'm now able periodize my days based on my recovery and greatly reduce bad training days and injuries.”

Sam Dancer
CrossFit Athlete

I'm LOVING my WHOOP! I didn't realize I would geek out so much on my sleep score, my recovery and my daily strain! It's especially fun to check in against the other Heartbreakers and see how I'm doing.”

Amanda Nurse
Marathon Runner, Heartbreak Hill Running Club

Since using WHOOP, I've learned how I need to train in order to reach my optimal performance in professional tournaments.”

Amanda Sobhy
Highest Ranked American Squash Player in History

WHOOP has made my athletes more disciplined and more committed to their training.”

Jason Saretsky
Head Coach
Harvard Track & Field

USA swimming has been one of the most successful sporting organizations on planet earth - on par with the likes of the New York Yankees and the All Blacks. Do we need WHOOP to keep beating the rest of the world? Probably not, but we’re not looking to simply win… we want to dominate. This is one of the ways we’ll do it.”

Keenan Robinson
Head of Performance, USA Swimming

I realized shortly after getting the whoop that my habits surrounding sleep were horrible.
 I was getting next to no REM sleep, and Whoop helped me fix that. I realized that my nightly glass of wine or beer was wreaking havoc on my sleep, and without Whoop, I would not have understood this, and without understanding, there is no action.”

Patrick McNally
Coach, CycleAnalyze

On the road to Rio, Whoop was a critical part of my recovery. There were so many distractions, fatigue, stress, training and family to juggle. Knowing my most important recovery tool is Sleep, I was able to manage my time and energy in the most efficient ways. Whoop is one of the most important pieces when putting a performance goal in front of you.

Casey Patterson
US Olympic Beach Volleyball Player

We have had a lot of success using WHOOP in the offseason with our guys. We really like the addition of Day Strain as it allows us to get a more holistic sense for the cardiovascular load being put on the body over the course of a full day.”

Mike McNulty
Athletic Trainer, Chicago Cubs

I’m a numbers guy — always have been. When I’m training, I want to see quantifiable results so that I know my hard work is adding up.”

Neko Mullaly
Downhill Mountain Biker

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I like how light the WHOOP Strap is. I really feel like I am wearing nothing. This is a huge advantage over watches and chest straps.”

Ali Farag
Globally Ranked Squash Player

WHOOP lets me know when it’s time to slow down. It forces me to obtain more recovering sleep. I have my ear to the ground on all these sleep quantifying technologies. WHOOP blows the rest out of the water.”

Michael Lares
President, :DSleep LLC

I'm thankful for this product. It's extremely innovative and it's helped me with my sleep. Everyone should check #WHOOP out.”

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WHOOP helped me feel extra confident that I was ready for Olympic qualifier matches. It was a huge help for fighting for our Olympic spot and in Rio.”

Jake Gibb
US Olympic Beach Volleyball Player

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WHOOP is the last thing I look at before bed, and the first thing I look at in the morning. It is one of those breakthrough products that helps you get the most out of your daily potential.”

Rob Saunder

As an elite athlete, good recovery is critical to performance. Whoop's sleep tracking helped me to measure and to emphasize my recovery. In turn, that improved recovery helped me to gain the speed I needed to win an Olympic silver medal in rowing.”

Gevvie Stone
US Olympic Rower,
2016 Silver Medalist

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I can’t begin to put into words how awesome this product is. I am loving all of the information I am receiving from my WHOOP. I can’t say thank you enough,
 the knowledge I gained from cycling camp last week wouldn’t have been possible without WHOOP.”

Topher Riley
Competitive Cyclist

Next level recovery,
 can't get enough of my @whoop. The best tool I've used to optimize my sleep/recovery. #alwayson

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I wish I had this 20 years ago when I was running triathlons.”

Michelle Posillico

Every match is equally important.
 I need to be 100% ready to perform. There is no time for injuries or lack of Sleep. You have to be at your best the entire season and Recovery is the key to that.”

Lauren Sieckmann
Professional Beach Volleyball Player